But I Love You For All That


But I Love You For All That Summary

But I Love You For All That summary: 1. The Reason I Take One Step Forward
Young couple Hirota Naoki and Yoshizawa Hiderou have a dog-and-owner relationship, with Hirota always taking care of the clumsy Yoshizawa. But when Hirota gets sick at school and tells Yoshizawa not to follow him home, is there anything “the dog” can do to be helpful to his “owner”?

2. A Rare Look Into the Incompetent Seme

3. But I Love You for all That

4. Tic-Tack

5. When the Snow Accumulates

6. Centimeter Rhythm

7. Jikosaiten

8. Sangatsu no Tobira

9. Hakoniwa no Tokiwa

10. Kataomoi Nochi Renai Naka, Tokidoki Ueno Sora



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